A little girl just 10 years of age was handcuffed, arrested and expelled from her elementary school after officials say she brought her father’s medical marijuana to class.



The minor who was arrested at Evans elementary school in El Paso County, Colorado, was handcuffed and held before being handed over to her parents. She said a classmate told her to do it.

The marijuana had legally been issued to her father due to health issues. The father admitted he had been prescribed the marijuana in order to help treat chronic pain, restless leg syndrome and ADHD. He told police that his daughter stole the marijuana from his locked room.

Heavy-handed school officials expelled the 10-year-old from the school, citing a zero tolerance policy towards marijuana, “regardless” of the fact that it was prescribed for a medical condition.

“She told her dad that she understands what she did was wrong and she said she plans to try to make things right,” a local TV station reported. The 10-year-old was also issued a court date in December.

Some argued that the young girl is too young to be fully aware of what she was doing, much less to be cuffed and arrested:

“Like that little 10 yr Old knew better. Handcuff a 10 yr Old – Come On you Law Enforcement Losers!” one user wrote in response to the local news story. “I don’t care what kind of policies or law is in place – She is 10 yrs Old for crying out loud! You don’t Handcuff a non-combative 10 yr Old for one thing & you don’t charge a 10 yr Old with Marijuana Possission – Period!”

Some pucker butts agreed that the school had taken the right actions.

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