Melissa Rivers Faces Tough Choice

Joan Rivers‘ only child, Melissa is faced with a daunting decision, whether or not to remove her mother from life support.

Sources say the decision will have to be made no later than this weekend.

Joan Rivers daughter Melissa

The “Fashion Police” host, staying in a private room at the Mount Sinai Hospital, is dependent on machines to stay alive eight days after going into cardiac and respiratory arrest, the sources said. Continue reading

Joan Rivers: No Sign Of Improvement

Joan Rivers was moved out of ICU, however, her health has not markedly improved.

Joan has been moved to a private room, which is NOT a good indication. There, she will be more closely monitored by doctors and nurses.

joan rivers life support

Melissa Rivers just released a very guarded update about her mother, saying “My mother has been moved out of intensive care and into a private room where she is being kept comfortable.” Continue reading


Joan Rivers is on life support and is completely dependant on machines to stay alive, say doctors.

Rivers was rushed to the hospital after she stopped breathing during throat surgery on Thursday. The comic’s heart also stopped but was restarted. Early reports said she was put into a medically induced coma, but now we are learning her condition is much worse than believed.

Celebrity Sightings In New York - August 17, 2009

According to reports, the family will have to decide in the next couple of days whether to keep the 81-year-old on life support. Continue reading

Kelly Osbourne REHAB

Tough times for Kelly Osbourne. The Fashion Police star, who has battled drug abuse in the past, announced that she has entered rehab for the fourth time. This time over – overeating..


Word is that Kelly Osbourne has checked into “food rehab” after gaining almost twenty pounds following her break-up with fiance Matthew Mosshart. Break-ups can be tough on anyone’s waistline, but reports say that the vegan Mosshart encouraged Osbourne to eat healthily, a habit she has dropped since their split. While in rehab, she will be eating a clean diet and doing yoga everyday. source

Kelly Osbourne Tweets Saggy Pants Support ‘Cleavage Is Legal Why Not Butt Crack?’

Kelly Osbourne, the same woman who is supposed to have fashion smarts, yet does not know when to turn over during a suntanning session, is now setting her sights a bit lower, about waist high that is..

Kelly has spoken out against the horrors of inequality, concerning sexism.. For those – who wear – saggy pants! HUH?


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Kelly Osbourne MOCKS HER POPS! Steps Out In OZZY Inspired Outfit

So it took a Kelly Osbourne seizure to bring about this fashion eventuality? Whatever it takes as they say! Check out Kelly O sporting a daddy’s girl inspired outfit that outright mocks her pops!


Now all she needs to do is enough drugs to adopt her dad’s signature stammer! And if recent events are any indication, she’s already on her way!

Kelly Osbourne Returns To Work After Seizure Sharon Tweets ‘She’s Naughty’

So Sharon Osbourne, your daughter returns to work for the first time since being dragged off to the hospital after experiencing seizures – and you call her “naughty?” OOOk? What am I missing?


“She’s on medications. Nobody knows why she had it — can’t figure out a reason why — but she is fine, and naughty,” mother Sharon Osbourne tweeted Monday.

Kelly tweeted the above snap of her and Joan Rivers on-set for the first time since her medical emergency.

“Welcome back Kelly!” Joan Rivers tweeted. “Thrilled to have my darling Kelly back on the set of Fashion police. XOXO.”

So I take it all is good in the fashion hood, that is, until the next emergency! And not of the fashion variety!