BAD NEWS: She Lost Her Phone.. GOOD NEWS: Cristiano Ronaldo FOUND IT

Losing your phone is usually a huge bummer for a girl, that is unless the world’s most eligible bachelor finds it, personally returns it and then takes you to dinner.

That’s exactly what happened to one lucky Las Vegan, Austin Woolstenhulme, whose loss turned into one of her most unforgettable night out ever, dinner with soccer star and human Find My Phone app, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Austin Woolstenhulme Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo Mother: I Tried Everything To ABORT HIM

Soccer star and pretty boy Cristiano Ronaldo‘s mom has made the shocking admission that she tried multiple times to abort him while she was pregnant.

After doctors refused to oblige Dolores Aveiro, she resorted to home abortion recipes like drinking warm beer and frantic exercise..

beso restaurant 160609

She made the admission in a new biography published today in Portugal, called “Mother Courage”. Speaking at the launch, she said that the Real Madrid player knew about the secret and was able to joke about it. She said: “He told me when he found out, ‘Look mum, you wanted to abort and now I’m the one who’s pulling the purse-strings in the house.'”

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