Corpus Christi Police Officer Dead Another Injured After Struck By Vehicle Overnight

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX. (THECOUNT) — A pair of Corpus Christi police officers were struck by a vehicle and we are now learning one of them died Friday night.

One officer was killed after being struck by a vehicle during a traffic stop along State Highway 358, according to Saturday morning reports.

Lieutenant Michael Peña with the Corpus Christi Police Department says two officers pulled over a vehicle along South Padre Island Drive near Carroll Lane.

Three CCPD units were at the scene and during the traffic stop, one of the units was hit by a passing vehicle injuring two officers, reports WFAA.

Both officers were transported to area hospitals, where one was pronounced dead of injuries suffered in the collision.

The surviving officer’s condition was stable as of 11:40 p.m.

Lt. Peña also said they do have one person detained, but have not released any names at this point.


Geo quick facts: Corpus Christi is a Texas city on the Gulf of Mexico. It’s tucked into a bay and its beaches are sheltered by Padre and Mustang islands. The Padre Island National Seashore is home to migratory birds and endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles. The harborfront Texas State Aquarium has touch pools, an aquatic nursery and a shark exhibit. Nearby, a WWII aircraft carrier, USS Lexington, now houses a naval aviation museum – wikipedia.

Go Inside Justice Antonin Scalia Super Secluded Texas Ranch

The remote West Texas ranch where Antonin Scalia was found dead Saturday is a 5-star resort that once was a group of forts used by 19th Century cattle barons to fend off attacks by Apaches and thieves.

Cibolo Creek Ranch was bought by Houston billionaire John Poindexter in 1990 and renovated into a luxury 33-room resort with a private airstrip. It’s located about 30 miles south of Marfa, or about 440 miles west of San Antonio. h/t mysanantonio

Inside Justice Antonin Scalia Secluded West Texas Ranch 12

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Selena Widower Chris Perez Makes Surprise Visit To San Antonio Vigil

Chris Perez made a surprise visit joining San Antonio‘s tribute to his fallen wife Tejano singer, Selena.

Perez said he usually secludes himself on the anniversary of his wife’s murder, but this year emerged, saying it was the outpouring of love from fans that inspired him to attend.

chris perez selena

“On the 20th anniversary of the tragedy that happened in 1995, let’s lift up Selena’s legacy and inspire generations to come,” said Perez. Continue reading

Stone Temple Pilots & more at the NCAA Final 4 Weekend in Indy

Stone Temple Pilots and events at the NCAA Final Four Championship Weekend in Indy—- Free concerts April 2, 3 & 4 @ White River State Park and a few other things going on!

Who would think Indy would have temperatures in the 70’s, beautiful blue skies in April?  Gutsy move to plan the free concerts sponsored by Coke Zero & AT&T for the NCAA Men’s Final Four Championship weekend outside.

Give the weather people 10 out of 10 for the perfect weather!  I had wanted to go see STP when I first heard they were giving a free concert here.  Headed out to downtown Indy, taking the back streets, only known by those that live here.  Ended up with traffic backed up just west of West Street by Victory Field.  Not too bad around 5:00 pm on a Friday.  I am very lucky in finding good parking spots, and I didn’t disappoint with getting in the parking garage right across the street from the park for $5 and also being able to park in the 2nd spot as you just enter the garage!  Yay!

We headed to walk down to Lucas Oil Stadium where the open practices for the Final 4 teams were just wrapping up.  I wanted to see what was going on, and if anyone who knows me, know that I am a people watcher.  The street was swarming with TV crews and the big satellites attached to their vehicles.  I saw the Mike & Mike ESPN truck too with many of the local and out of state trucks too.

Got bombarded with lots of free Coke Zero cans and Vitamin Water bottles.  I will say the Coke Zero is pretty darn good especially since there are no calories.  Tried the Vitamin Water 0 and again, a very good tasting product!

After getting through security at the park, we walked around to see what was going on then went up to the stage area to catch a band called Delta Spirit from Long Beach, CA.  I didn’t recognize them and their music was alright, but doubts I would go see them again.  Seems like many enjoyed them.  I did snap a picture of them.

Finally about 9 pm STP is announced and comes out rocking!  Weiland had on jeans, t-shirt, leather jacket and a scarf.  He immediately went up close to the end of the stage peering behind his sunglasses looking sexy as he always is.  Vasoline was the 1st song, and in no particular order, the songs on the list were Sex Type Thing, Sour Girl, Wicked Garden, Creep, Plush, Interstate Love Song and Big Empty.

I thought the band sounded too grainy and off.  I thought maybe since I was right next to the speakers at the side of the stage was causing me to not understand the songs as well or hear them as good.  Not.

I moved back about 300 feet away from the stage and it didn’t seem to matter……..I guess it was just an “off” night for the band because many told me they sounded way better when they played at the Indy 500 Carb Day the year before.  Oh well, it was still very exciting to be at the concert and me and everyone else had a blast.  The lawn at the park was filled to capacity and enjoyed it on seemed like a nice summer evening, or was it April fool’s Day —- a day late?? Hmmmmm…

Scott Weiland of STP

Note: Darius Rucker and Daughtry put on a great show Saturday with Ryan Seacrest as the host.  I did not attend but was able to watch it live on Coke Zero Face book’s live concert!  Sunday’s lineup was local band the Elms, country singer Jake Owen, and LL Cool J along with the Goo Goo Dolls rounding it down.

Monday is thebig dance…last 2 standing…Duke vs. Butler (local Indy team no one expected to make it this far!)  Go Butler, good luck Duke!

They (the media) are saying this is like David vs. Goliath. It’s also a little bit of “Hoosiers” the movie thrown in!

See you next time peeps!


Front Row @ The Last Stone Temple Pilots Concert


Scott Weiland

One of our all time favorite bands, Stone Temple Pilots, put on their last show in Vegas. We were there to experience it up front and in the middle.

No messing around for Scott Weiland. No half ass or careless performing. ONLY the BEST this time around. About a month ago, we gave a bad review of Scott’s solo performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. We thought, “Oh no, not the drugs again!” We were worried that our man Scott was falling to pieces again. We wondered why his former band Velvet Revolver was done playing. Then we heard he was getting back with his original band STP; but turned out wishy washy. Mr. Weiland’s Jimmy Kimmel solo performance debuting his solo record, “Happy in Galoshes”, was an out-of-tune nightmare. At this point, we were thinking about getting back on the drugs! J/K!


The Resurrection

The sun burst through the clouds. The holy choir sang and the church bells rang. Out comes Scott smoking hot. Gangster brimmed hat, tight fitting pants, silk Asian pinkish-colored dress shoes, a sheik neck scarf, a pen-striped suit coat and a nice classy vest. He steps front and center to the edge of the stage and owns the entire room. Gliding around the stage in his silk loafers, he dances weightless and real. Countess hits were played from albums Core, Purple and Tiny Songs…From the Vatican Gift Shop. Hit songs “Creep”, “Interstate Love Song”, “Big Bang Baby” and “Vaseline” were played just to name a few. In between songs, Scott told the audience little stories about where and how the songs were created. Scott was very open/not guarded and he seemed genuinely happy to be back with his original band. His vocals were in the pocket and pitch perfect. His classic, deep, resonating voice had such a hypnotic vibrato reverb. He really put his soul into each and every song. We agreed that he hasn’t sang this on-point for many years. His energy was fierce.

Stripping down throughout the night, he first removed his suit coat, then his scarf and finally the hat. He was quite playful! He sang on the megaphone for a few songs. He smoked a few cigarettes. He worked the entire stage and danced the whole time. The band chose a great song list for the entire set. All of the true STP/Scott fans were singing along and loving it! Scott did not hesitate to get involved with the crowd. He almost jumped right in with us. We were delightfully sprinkled with his sweat; he was that close. Towards the end of the set, the guitarist and vocalist Robert DeLeo, introduced the band members for the 1st time EVER! He said the band has NEVER introduced one another until this very show. What a treat.

Just when we thought they were finished, the audience began to chant “STP” to provoke the boys to come back for one more. STP of course came back out for a few more songs. They threw out memorabilia like T-shirts, saucer shaped frisbee things with their STP logo, guitar picks and drum sticks.


They ended the show by joining together front and center stage. They smiled and waved to the audience for their last time, (”for a very long while”, stated STP bassist, Robert DeLeo) as STP. We were feeling like emotional and proud mothers! Scott was truly happy.