Tim Burton Launches “Tim Burton” Art Exhibit Toronto

Tim Burton alla 64 "Mostra del cinema&quo...

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Tim Burton visited Toronto Canada’s “TIFF Bell Lightbox” to unveil a new MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) exhibit created for him called “Tim Burton”. He took pictures and signed copies of the following three books: The Art of Tim Burton; Burton on Burton; and Tim BurtonMasters of Cinema Series, in addition to Tim Burton Dark Horse journals. The event was reported to have been the third-highest attendance of any exhibition in the museum’s history. He is now in the rarefied company of Picasso… and Matisse.

The Tim Burton exhibit is displaying his art, movies and the exhibit is holding Burton themed workshops and events. The exhibit is open to the public November 26, 2010.

“Slumdog Millionaire” actress is releasing a memoir

Rubina Ali

Rubina Ali

Rubina Ali, the 9 year old actress from the Academy Award winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire” is going to release a memoir. Rubina has been a hot topic in the media because her father is basincally trying to pimp her out due to her sudden  “Slumdog” popularity.

“Rubina brings alive a world of wastelands and rat-infested shanty dwellings, and shows us her home, a wooden shack with a tarpaulin roof, where she grew up with her beloved father and siblings,” said a statement given by her publisher.

Why can’t Danny Boyle intervene with a magic check or a Daddy Warbucks adoption clause? These kids gave “Slumdog Millionaire ” the heart it needed to affect the mainstream. The studios get the Oscars and the kids get  the ass end of  the deal.  Weak.