Tom Brady: Super Bowl Of Chicken Soup?

Tom Brady is preparing for the the Super Bowl – with a bowl of chicken soup as the Patriots star quarterback revealed he is fighting a cold.

Brady appeared haggard on Wednesday as he addressed the media from the team hotel in Chandler, Arizona.

Tom Brady Hair Plugs 2

“It’s been lingering,” Brady told reporters as he held court for nearly 45 minutes Wednesday morning. Continue reading

NFL Releases Statement Over #DEFLATEGATE

The NFL just released this statement regarding their investigation into the scandal surrounding the report of underinflated footballs being used in the AFC title game.

Meanwhile, a petition circulating on the internet to boycott the Super Bowl over the controversy is gaining steam.


“Our office has been conducting an investigation as to whether the footballs used in last Sunday’s AFC Championship Game complied with the specifications that are set forth in the playing rules. Continue reading

DEFLATE GATE FALLOUT: Petition Demands NFL BAN PATRIOTS Or Fans Boycott Super Bowl

Check out this petition that just hit the interwebs demanding the NFL disqualify the Patriots from competing in the Super Bowl, or face an all out boycott by the fans.

Petition: Dear NFL: The Fans Have Spoken, Disqualify The Patriots.


The New England Patriots cheated. Not only did they cheat their opponents, they cheated us fans too.  Continue reading

USATODAY: Disqualify The Patriots Over #DeflateGate

USA Today is reporting what many of us are thinking, the New England Patriots should be disqualified from participating in the Super Bowl.

The NFL released their findings stating that 11 of 12 footballs used in the AFC championship game were willfully deflated by the Pats. But even-though the team cheated, they will, most likely, be allowed to play in the big game.


Cheat on a test in school? You fail, no questions asked. Continue reading

ESPN: The Patriots Used 11 Under Inflated Footballs

Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting, the NFL has found that 11 of the 12 footballs used by the New England Patriots in Sunday’s 45-7 AFC Championship Game were under-inflated by two pounds of air each.

The Patriots defeated the Indianapolis Colts for a trip to the Superbowl.

patriots cheated colts

Here’s what the NFL game operations manual says regarding punishment for those guilty of under-inflating footballs, courtesy of Kevin Seifert of ESPN.

“If any individual alters the footballs, or if a non-approved ball is used in the game, the person responsible and, if appropriate, the head coach or other club personnel will be subject to discipline Continue reading

REPORT: Patriots CHEATED By Deflating Game Balls

The NFL is investigating the New England Patriots after they came away with a 45-7 win against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

Reports say the footballs used in that AFC Championship victory may have been deflated making them easier to catch.

patriots cheated-brady-luck-nfl-football

The violation for deflated footballs would not impact the outcome of the AFC Championship, but the Patriots could lose draft picks as punishment. Continue reading

Boston Billboards Tout Ray Lewis Retirement

Billboards are cropping up all over Massachusetts already touting Sunday’s AFC Championship Game as Ray Lewis’ last! At least if you ask the folks in New England…


No one really knows if Sunday’s AFC title game will usher in the retirement of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, but as this billboard clearly demonstrates the people have spoken in a big way.

One user writes on a Ravens message board:

“I think it’s perfect. The Ravens will definitely party on that field while getting the Lamar Hunt Trophy. They will definitely party for Ray’s last game at that stadium. The Patriot fans are more than welcome to stick around and join in the celebration.”


Banks Of Empty Seats At Sold-Out Olympics Prompts Investigation

Despite Olympics tickets being sold out, NBC cameras revealed tons of empty seats at the swimming, dressage, volleyball and tennis events and that has left many potential ticket holders seeing red…

At one point, a NBC Commentator, Bob Costas said that the unfilled seats were simply members of the public who were unable attend because of long queues and transport problems, a cruel fact that essentially left many ticket holders unable to get to their seats in times to watch the events. Others believe a more sinister corporate controversy is responsible.

Many pissed-off, empty-handed folks took to Twitter to express their outrage over the empty seats, one angry commenter put it this way, “Can anyone explain why there are lots of empty seats? Tried repeatedly to get tickets without success.”

Today an investigation has been launched by Olympics organizers, “Locog,” after huge banks of empty seats were painfully evident in many sporting venues on the prestigious opening day of the Games.

A spokesperson for Locog said: “We are aware that some venues have empty seats this morning. We believe the empty seats are in accredited seating areas, and we are in the process of finding out who should have been in the seats and why they weren’t there.”

Word on the street is an unknown number of seats were issued to corporate sponsors — Olympic officials and VIP guests who either didn’t bother to show up — or — got stuck in traffic — ending up too late for entry in the events.