Raven Symone Gives Birth?



The lovely Raven Symone!  Did she? Didn’t She? Disney kids are growing up so quick! Raven was great in Dr. Doolittle with Eddie Murphy.  I was so surprised to learn that Ms. Symone might now be a first time mother.

Rumors are flying around the web (most notably here) that Raven gave birth to this little bundle of joy:

Ravens Baby

Raven's Baby

Awwww, she’s pretty cute huh?  No one is officially saying anything but I’m sure Raven will talk about her new child whenever she’s ready.  She’s a full-grown adult capable of making her own decisions and might want to wait before opening up about her personal life.  Regardless, this news should be taken with a little grain of salt.

Apparently, the father is a Mr. Jussie Smollet, who I know absolutely nothing about.  Word is that the couple is no longer together, which may be one reason for Raven’s decision to keep things private.  Whatever their status is, they sure did make a cute baby.

It’s a Boy for Toby Maguire

Spider-Man, Toby Maguire’s wife has given birth to a baby boy.   It is the second child for the couple.   They meet in 2003 and got hitched in 2007.

Toby’s wifey is the daughter of Ron Meyer, president and chief operating officer of Universal Studios, just in case you were wondering how Toby has managed to land all those great roles!   JUST KIDDING!   Congratulations to you both and, by the way,   you best keep a lid on that crib!tobey_maguire