Virginia woman, Daphne Page, is accused of possessing a fake explosive device that set off a bomb scare at a VA Whole Foods parking lot. Page is claiming the device was a novelty alarm clock she bought at a garage sale for $1.

“I picked it up and thought, ‘Haha, this is funny. My daughter’s birthday is coming up she might find this amusing,” Page, 52, explained. Authorities didn’t buy her story and she was arrested Friday. The device was located in the back seat of her car and the Bomb Squad had to use a robot to remove the novelty object from the vehicle.


Page was charged with the manufacture, possession or use of explosives. The statute that includes the manufacture and possession of hoax devices.

Page told The Richmond-Times Dispatch that the object was a clock designed to look like a bundle of dynamite that she bought for $1 at a local garage sale. She said she didn’t realize it would scare people, saying it was “obvious fake.”