In what some are calling a case of “instant karma,” Theunis Botha, a Big Game Hunter from South Africa, was killed after an elephant keeled over and crushed him. The animal had just been shot by another member of Botha’s hunting group.

Botha, 51, died Friday afternoon after one of his hunting buddies shot the elephant and it fell to the ground crushing him. The incident occurred during a bro hunting trip in Gwaii, Zimbabwe.


The incident took place on the Good Luck Farm ranch after they came across a group of breeding elephants. The group of hunters were charged by three female elephants. One of the hunters fired a shot from his rifle and was caught by surprise by a forth elephant that stormed them from the side. Botha was a well-known hunter in Zimbabwe who would travel to the US to recruit wealthy Americans for trophy hunting in Southern Africa. h/t

An agent who booked the expedition said, “With great sadness we confirm that fellow professional hunter, outfitter and friend Theunis Botha passed away late (Friday) afternoon during a hunting accident in Zimbabwe. All our condolences and sympathy goes to Carike and kids in this time of great loss and sadness.”