At many as 16 people were abducted from plush Puerto Vallarta restaurant La Leche today. Witnesses say the kidnappers were wearing hoods and carried large guns. La Lechi is said to be located in the tourist section of the popular seaside town.

A Mexican newspaper reported that the kidnappers’ main target seemed to be a man in a red t-shirt and his companions, some who were believed to be bodyguards.


Puerto Vallarta restaurant La Leche crime scene

A group of gunmen pulled up to a restaurant in the tourist section of Mexico’s Pacific resort town of Puerto Vallarta early Monday and kidnapped a group of people, the attorney general of the state of Jalisco said. Attorney Eduardo Almaguer tweeted just before noon EST that he was overseeing the investigation into “the illegal kidnapping of people early this morning.” About four hours later, he posted an official release that stated that around 1 a.m., “according to the testimony of eyewitnesses, a number of men arrived in a white Toyota Tacoma pickup truck and a Chevrolet Suburban, and they proceeded to kidnap a group of people in a restaurant.” h/t latino.foxnews

Puerto Vallarta restaurant La Leche

The prosecutors’ office is continuing to investigate, the release said, and “to attempt to identify and rescue the victims.”

Authorities said five “luxury cars” were left behind at the restaurant apparently belonging to the captured party.