Witnesses: Orlando Shooter Shouted “Allahu Akbar” During Rampage

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Witnesses of an Orlando nightclub mass shooting, say the shooter, Omar Mateen, a known ISIS supporter, shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the shooting rampage that left at least 50 dead and scores more injured.

Allahu Akbar is an Islamic phrase, called Takbir in Arabic, meaning “God is greater” or “God is [the] greatest”.



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  • Enoch Ching

    yeah it’s pretty common when an AK 47 is firing.

  • jbt1844

    Nuanced thinking is not your forte. Absurd response.

  • Julie Gonzales Fleiser

    Why wouldn’t we fear Christians who have to go around saying, “God is great”, but when it comes from someone who is speaking another language, we think that they are radical, and possibly dangerous? Interesting.

  • Julie Gonzales Fleiser

    Muslims forcing Muslim (I think you mean Islam) on us? Hmmmm. I have several Muslim friends, and one relative. No one has ever even talked about Islam to me. They are some of the most kind, loving people I know. Much more sincere than my Evangelical Christian friends/relatives!

  • Laurissa Graves

    So Dylan Roof was a Radical Christian and committed this crime in the name of his Religion?…What planet do you live on?
    I don’t recall Jesus encouraging followers to kill non believers, but on the otherhand….

  • melro52

    DYLAN ROOF sat right in a church with people talking, then just shot them dead in cold blood. Far worse then shooting randomly in a club. Where do you live to not remember that? And when I hear people say, “Praise Jesus” I have an opinion all right–hypocrite bigot.

  • melro52

    Akbar is a pretty common word. Listen enough at the local gas station you’ll hear it plenty.

  • Lawrence Hill

    And the last time a Christian “radical” shot up a night club was when? And they NEVER say God is Great or Praise the Lord or Praise Jesus prior to doing so, do they? If you are ever in a public place and hear someone shout “Praise Jesus”, you will probably smile, and think, “Religious nut.” If someone shouts, “Allahu Akbar” you had better run for your life. They will most likely be the last words you ever hear. You know it and I know it. Quit being in denial. Just saying….

  • Lar

    There is no difference between christian radicals and muslim radicals both use there religion to justify their hatred for whom ever, what ever

  • Kristy Copenhaver

    wow such a tuff talker hiding who you are …the only thing depraved is your soul

  • Anonymous

    Depraved Muslims vs. Depraved queers

    I have never like any of them. Depraved Muslims want to force Muslim on the rest of us, while depraved queers want to force their depravity on the rest of us. Think I’ll munch on some popcorn as our enemies kill each other

  • Rodrigo

    He also had a security officer clearance to carry a gun.

  • Torotx56

    yes Alahu Ahkbar—Mad Mo’s followers are great too at killing infidels. But the lying leftist American media will obfuscate the facts for their not so hidden agenda. nary a mention of radical islamic terror to be implied.