Who Is Anastasia Ashley? And Did A Restaurant Refuse Her Service Over Short Shorts?

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Pro-surfer, Anastasia Ashley, is claiming an upscale Newport Beach restaurant discriminated against her for wearing jeans short-shorts to lunch.

Ashley posted a photo to Instagram showing off the offending shorts after she says she was discriminated against by Gulfstream restaurant over the garment being too revealing.

Anastasia Ashley short shorts Gulfstream restaurant


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She wrote in her post: “My shorts aren’t too short and I think as a woman I can choose the shorts I want to wear and I don’t need a restaurant to dress me and tell me what is appropriate or not.” The surf star from San Clemente is now riding a wave of attention on social media with hundreds of comments. There has been support and backlash. “She looks tasteful she looks stylish. There’s nothing wrong with what she’s wearing,” Sarah Cameron said. Celeste Brill said: “I just don’t think it’s appropriate, especially like in restaurants where people are eating and stuff. Kids could maybe walk in.” h/t cbslocal.losangeles

A website connected to the restaurant states the attire policy is: “For men and women, we request you avoid beach wear or active wear that is overly revealing.”

Anastasia Ashley short shorts

The eatery’s general manager, who acknowledged that Ashley was asked to cover up because of her clothing, said that she complied and seemed happy.

Do you think Ashley’s attire was over the top? Comment below!

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  • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

    Who cares? Better than a 75 year old man in the same outfit…

  • paula

    Truthfully I don’t care but I could see how other people could be offended. She’s obviously not wearing a bra and her shorts who cares if she is sitting at a table shouldn’t matter I can’t see the back of them but the front is fine with me.

  • Admiral Nissan

    Just wondering — when did wearing crotch crawlers wherever you want become a constitutional right. The restaurant has the perfect right to dictate dress code and she has the right to remain silent.

  • AndreaT333

    Let’s think, the restaurant is in Newport BEACH! And they don’t expect shorts? Sorry they were jean shorts Mr. Upscale Restaurant but you are in a beach community. There is nothing “revealing” about the shorts. Gulfstream restaurant was wrong! Lighten up people!