James Martin Pedersen, the popular pitchman for Wisconsin restaurant chain, Rocky Rococo Pizza, has died.

Pedersen, who lived in the Madison area, played the role of “Rocky Rococo” for the franchise for decades. The cause of death has not yet been released.


James Martin Pedersen Rocky Rococo Pizza photo

Wayne Mosely, owner of the Madison Rocky Rococo franchise told News 3 that, as Rocky, Pedersen could relate to many groups of people. “As Rocky, we valued his personal appearances because he could relate. He was adaptable.” “Became literally the face of Rocky. Everything was built around him,” Mosely said. “He was a wonderful, talented guy.” h/t channel3000

James Martin Pedersen Rocky Rococo Pizza dead

Early in his career, Pedersen was a member of comedy troupe Second City in Chicago.

James Martin Pedersen Rocky Rococo Pizza die

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Pedersen’s family and friends at this difficult time.