Even though Donald Trump‘s private jet was forced to make an emergency landing in Nashville Wednesday afternoon after the pilot reported engine problems, the presidential candidate still managed to show up at his overflowing event in Little Rock, AR.

Trump’s Boeing 757 landed safely in Nashville at 4:40 p.m., the FAA said, who is reportedly investigating the incident.


trump speech Barton Coliseum

The event however started an hour and a half late forcing arena staff to replay the lead-in music numerous times. Trump finally made his way to the stage, delivering his full hour-long speech.

Despite the mechanical issues, Trump attracted more than 11,500 people, beating the old venue record held at the Barton Coliseum set by ZZ Top back in the 1970s.

trump emergency landing nashville

Trump downplayed his tardiness, saying only that it was “rough” getting there, but there was “no way” he would head back to New York instead of continue on to Little Rock.

“I love Arkansas,” Trump said.