The crowd had gathered around the stage at Magic Kingdom to watch Ariana Grande take the stage, then 20 minutes, 45 minutes, 90 minutes and after 3 full hours – still no Grande..

Restless fans attending the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade on Wednesday night ended up shocked and delighted after a random man from the crowd got up and sang a song. And now that man is literally an overnight success.


rhett wheeler disney christmas parade ariana grande

After years of trying to make it big, Rhett Wheeler finally got his big break thanks in part to Grande’s tartiness.

After Disney hosts asked if anyone wanted to tell a joke or perform a song, Wheeler took his cue and got up and wowed the crowd.

The crowd turned absolutely silent and stared in shock as as the young man continued to sign his heart out as the legendary David Foster played the piano for him. It seems like it would make anyone’s day, and it actually did. With the video going viral and the word getting around about this amazing singer, it was finally revealed that the singer was Wheeler. h/t inqisitr

Wheeler’s been performing for a long time in hopes of catching his big break, now thanks to Grande being late to the stage, he may have done just that.

Check out the video here.