Dozens of elated Denver Broncos fans received a rude awakening after finding their cars had been towed during the game.

Denver may have gotten a win in their season opener Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, but some fans who didn’t follow the parking rules around the stadium, lost out big time.


bronco fans cars towed 4

“I just saw cars getting, just like 2 cars to a tow truck.  Just like bam, bam, bam,” said one woman who lives near Jefferson Park, not far from the stadium. In many neighborhoods that surround Sports Authority Field at Mile High, the streets are lined with signs that say parking for permit A holders only on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. “It’s going to be interesting to see them come back and there’s no car,” the woman noted as she watched car after car towed away from in front of her home. h/t kdvr

Police started a few hours before the game and continue towing cars marked by the city until the game was over.

The ticket from the city will cost fans $50 and the impound fee is $120. Go team..