John Manwaring, a JetBlue pilot, was arrested along with six others by Boston Police in a drug bust near Boston Common over the weekend.

Manwaring, 42, of Maitland, Florida, was nabbed with six people involved in drug transactions in an alley near a Green Line MBTA stop. He is being held on a charge of possession of heroin.



Manwaring informed police that he was a pilot for JetBlue. The airline confirmed that and sent this statement:

“We are aware of the allegations and are prepared to cooperate fully with the authorities. The crewmember in question was removed from duty last night pending the outcome of the investigation. In compliance with all FAA and DOT regulations and requirements, JetBlue has in place a rigorous drug testing program for crewmembers that includes a strict “no tolerance” program.” source

A woman with Manwaring, Jennifer Robinson, 31, of Boston, was also arrested and charged with possession of alleged heroin, police said.

Police said all six people will be arraigned Monday in Boston Municipal Court.