Floyd Mayweather has courageously admitted that rapper T.I. had all the reason in the world for attacking him at a Las Vegas FatBurger in May, because the boxer had indeed done the dirty deed with his wife, Tiny.

Mayweather is on a tour to promote his upcoming fight when someone asked the question..


Floyd Mayweather jr Tiny t.i. fight fatburger Floyd Mayweather ADMITS To SEX WITH TINY

“What about T.I.?” — referring to the now famous Fat Burger fight.

Listen closely, as Floyd says, “What about the bitch?  I was f***ing his bitch.”

As we previously reported … the photos Tiny posted of Floyd and his daughter on Instagram set T.I. off right before the melee … so he clearly suspected something was up. source

Floyd tried to talking to Tiny on the red carpet at the BET Awards … but she flatly denied him.