Jaws star, Richard Dreyfuss has claimed to be sober since 1982, and wife of eight years, Svetlana Dreyfuss, has made no such claims, case in point..

Svetlana, (a Russian mail-order bride,) was arrested early June for drunken driving and hit-and-run.


Svetlana Dreyfuss

Police caught up with Svetlana after she allegedly crashed her car into a wooden fence and then fled the scene.

Police caught up with her two miles from the crash site in Encinitas, Calif. and booked her for a DUI and hit-and-run. Svetlana reportedly told TMZ she passed her field sobriety test, claiming she only had one glass of wine. source

Richard and Svetlana were married in a courthouse ceremony in Virginia in 2006 while the actor was in town to speak at James Madison University.