Was Elliot Rodger Fighting Gay Tendencies?

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Psychologist Dr. Robi Ludwig, appearing on a Fox News panel discussing Elliot Rodger‘s mass shooting said that the incident may have been triggered over the killer’s “homosexual impulses.”


Could the mass shooting really have been caused by homosexual impulses? Comment below!


TRENDING: Elliot Rodger: The Manifesto


“When I was first listening to him, I was like, ‘Oh, he’s angry with women for rejecting him,'” Ludwig recalled. “And then I started to have a different idea: Is this somebody who is trying to fight against his homosexual impulses?'”

“Was he angry with women because they were taking away men from him?” she continued. “But this is a kid who couldn’t connect, and felt enraged, and wanted to obliterate anyone that made him feel like a nothing.” source

Ludwig later declared that Roger’s could have been “angry at the men for not choosing him.”

“This was just a kid that was angry in general. He probably felt rejected, he couldn’t connect, he couldn’t feel loved, he couldn’t feel successful. Maybe he couldn’t even feel like a real man.”

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Elliot Rodger: The Manifesto | Elliot Rodger Grandad Was FAMED Holocaust Photographer
  • Millicent_Hickenlooper

    The gay priests don’t speak out against acting out on homosexual desires; they tend to not care about Catholic doctrine that much — which, BTW, says that homosexuality is a disorder, NOT a sin (it’s *acting* on homosexual desires that is sinful).

  • Jumphrey

    Today, let’s have a different conversation.

    As we lament the tragic events of this weekend in California, let’s
    leave the gun debate behind. Let’s check partisanship at the door. In
    fact, lets even put mental diseases on the back burner, because this
    event is symbolic of a problem that affects each and every one of us.

    Men, let’s talk about misogyny.

    Misogyny is the bastard child of sexual desire and entitlement. In a
    world where we frequently worry about “slut-shaming” and “rape-culture”,
    we need to recognize the sick, learned mentality that leads us there.
    This Elliot kid grew up in the same America we did, where society
    constantly told him that, in order for him to have a meaningful life, he
    had to have a woman. Society told him that being incapable of scoring a
    beautiful girlfriend meant that he was flawed, and being incapable of
    scoring at all meant he wasn’t fit to be a man. Even worse, it forced
    him into the conclusion that he was entitled to have that identity, that
    the sexual desires he felt were supposed to be validated by the objects
    of his desire.

    What would have happened if society had
    emphasized that his self worth wasn’t attached to his female
    companionship, or his sex life?

    What would have happened if society had taken the time to teach him that those objects were people?

    As pundits attempt to point the finger at each other, at guns or mental health or the police or the parents, let’s be honest.

    We did this. We do it every day.

  • Jumphrey

    Well, unless you’re a female. But yes, the intent of that statement is true.. haha


    Parts of Manifest to analyze.
    [On losing a friend]
    He blatantly said he didn’t want to be friends anymore. He didn’t even deign to tell me why. After he said the fateful words, he refused to talk to me ever again. That was the last time I ever spoke to him.
    By nature, I am a very jealous person, and at the age of nine my jealous nature sprung to the surface. During play dates, [a friend] would have other friends over as well, and I would feel very jealous and upset when he paid more attention to them. Feeling left out, I would find a quiet corner and start crying.

  • lindyk2

    If you read the 141 page manifesto, there are clearly elements of sexual identity issues. It certainly entered my head that he was jealous of guys going with girls (read not choosing a male). So what part is really setting him off? When he was 14 and heard details of sex, he was “traumatized” (his words). When he got a glimpse of porn with a woman he was sickened and traumatized. He imagines sex between two teenagers all the time – and emphasizes the “penis thrusting”. Just everything, the way he talks, his choice of words, etc. This does not mean this is what caused him to go off the deep end. His bigger issues seemed to be envy, status, and massive hatred. The sexual identity issues are just part of the whole goulash.

  • Shayla

    Because in the closet gay males have never spoken out about their distaste for homosexuality… You know like a lot of a Priests….

  • Francis

    This should be pulled as a hate comment. “neither are real men”. Liberal Males are the ones who cause the revolution you idiot!

  • Jason Kone

    sucking kock is pretty gay

  • Jumphrey

    No, he’s not gay, because that would imply that gay people are somehow inferior, or that a gay man can’t be “a man”. He’s a homophobe, and harbors irrational malice towards an opposing ideology. That’s the truth.

  • Jumphrey

    Wow Fox, way to miss the ball. Elliot Rodgers was a member of a community that abhorred homosexuality more so than the KKK or the Westboro baptist church. Misogeny needs to be addressed here.

  • dude dude

    This, spoken by some anonymous freak, who is probably on a similar path to Elliot Roger!
    Dude, we are all NOT impressed with your comment…..get yourself a boyfriend – You’re gay!

  • Guest

    All the left wingers are shooting people.

  • don3345

    Who can tell the difference between a Liberal male and a homosexual? The lines are blurred. Neither are real men by any means.