Elliot Rodger: The Manifesto

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Elliot Rodger.. The manifesto.




TRENDING: Kirsten Haglund Taking A Stand



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Kirsten Haglund Taking A Stand | Was Elliot Rodger Fighting Gay Tendencies?
  • GODabove09

    It seems obvious that for all his incessant whining about girls and dating he was, in truth, a homosexual. This overcompensation was for the benefit of others and was his mask. The mask to hide his true feelings over men. He ended up killing more men than women and I believe his motivation was hating the women BECAUSE they had access to men, not the other way round. His repressed love of all things men related tore him apart emotionally and drained any sense of perspective or rationality. The shame he felt, the idea he was a failure and would be letting his father down, his fear of rejection led to an inability to be open about his sexuality. The relatively small and insular community he lived in would have shunned him totally if he had “come out”, and I think he knew this 100%. So ultimately he died a tortured soul because his couldn’t accept his homosexuality, his fear of total social isolation and shaming his father and knew that his own disgust at his true feelings would make a normal, open lifestyle impossible. He both adored, objectified, was attracted to, men and gay love…but was also ashamed, repulsed, fearful of those feelings. The girls, girls, girls theme of his manifesto and video diaries are a smokescreen. When he talks about girls, substitute boys and you see his true feelings emerge. ER took innocent lives because he was too immature, too cowardly to accept his true nature and live free and unafraid. He killed like a spoilt petulant child, stomping his feet, and destroying what he couldn’t have.

  • GTace1

    good as in quiet laid back , if he had a relationship with a female this whole thing wouldnt of happen and im sure he would treat her like a queen , that is what the person is associates “good” with. the nice guy finished last elliot was the nice guy, but he eventually killed many.. plot twist

  • lazylightning

    wow. This guy had some real issues. He was very self aware, I can give him that much, I just wonder if he ever made these feelings known to his father? I would think he could explain to the young man that in time, he would’ve found someone who understood him? Or as he became a man, at least take him to a professional to experience sex? Seems like this could’ve been avoided if someone helped him. Also, I hope people from the NRA take note of the things he said about guns, as well as the politicians who kiss the ass of the NRA. Also, this kid really objectified women. That is a learned behavior., To him, women are to have sex with and that’s all. If I was female, this would really upset me. As a father of two teenage girls, it actually does scare me

  • dfa

    yes, women had better service them all they’ll all turn into crazed murderers. it’s all women’s fault

  • Aquafina

    How the fuck was Elliot Rodger a good guy?

  • LR

    This means there is also pressure for females to make males secure and happy as well and whenever they pick the feisty, confident guys over the good guys. Good guys become hostile even when they get involved with a good female who has dated feisty, confident guys.