THECOUNT.COM EXCLUSIVE: According to experts examining Justin Bieber’s mugshot, the kid may be suffering from Kyphosis, a.k.a. roundback, a.k.a. hunchback! You heard right, just like that crazy wax loving dude from Notre Dame!

justin bieber mugshot-hunchback 1
Kyphosis is the abnormal forward bending of the spine. In moderate to severe kyphosis the curve of the spine can form a hump! The above diagram clearly shows that Bieber falls into the aforementioned medical category. Conversely, below, have a look at Bieber’s jail buddy, Khalil Sharieff. His back is deemed perfectly normal, again when considering the rapper’s mugshot.


Khalil Sharieff  mugshot 1

We first noticed it, and doctors agree, Bieber’s spine is displaying alarming signs of developing disfiguring hunchback disease. The normal spine rounds slightly in the chest area, with arching in the lower back and neck regions. Excessive kyphosis can occur mainly in the chest area of the spine, causing the roundness of the back to appear exaggerated as in dowager’s hump.

justin-bieber-yellow-lambo-instagram-pic1So what causes hunchback? Kyphosis can be caused by an abnormal posture. However, other causes may include: a significant fracture of the vertebra, which can cause the back to angle forward, but we know that didn’t happen. Another version of the illness is referred to as Pott’s disease, which is due to a collapse of the vertebra when tuberculosis infects the spine! I think the singer is good on that one, BUT, It could also be caused by spinal tumors.

And it gets worse! The condition can NOT BE CURED! Most cases of kyphosis can’t even be prevented! One prominent exception is the risk of osteoporosis and fractures of the spine which can be lowered if a person has an adequate intake of calcium and regular weight-bearing exercise. Well we know Biebs stays fit and – to the best of our knowledge – the avid skateboarder hasn’t broken his back, YET.

According to medical facts website,, Medications called bisphonates can prevent or treat osteopenia or osteoporosis and may prevent kyphosis. Also, hormone therapy may help prevent osteoporosis in premenopausal women, as some think the “Baby” singer may qualify, while others think early treatment of tuberculosis could help prevent what the worsening of Pott’s diseases’ symptoms. So watch the smoking kid!

Keep your head up little buddy, no literally! Posture is very important.

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