Woman Who Reported Christy Hopkins On Animal Abuse Of Small Dog At Beach Speaks Out

Christy Hopkins has been ID’d by Volusia County Sheriff’s Office as the woman arrested after beachgoers observed her repeatedly lifting a small dog up off the sand by its leash and swinging it into the ocean while visiting Bethune Beach Park in Florida.

After police arrived on scene, Hopkins was seen clutching a traumatized 5-pound black teacup Shih Tzu under her right arm, according to the affidavit. The report said the dog was drenched, covered in sand, shaking, appeared to be coughing up water and was clearly in distress.

Deputies said a witness reported seeing a woman in a black bikini top slinging a dog around by its leash and throwing it into the ocean in water that was above its head, then picking it up by its leash and throwing it into the water again. Continue reading

FL COPS: Lakewood Man Provided Child “Morning After Pill” “Pregnancy Tests” During Year-Long Abuse

A Lakeland, FL., man was arrested on Thursday and accused of conducting a year-long sexual relationship with a female victim between age 12 and 14.

According to reports, Michael Smith, 26, provided the young girl the “Plan B” contraceptive pill when concerns arose that she may have become pregnant. A box of pregnancy tests were also located, with “one left,” say police.

Smith is accused of checking the young girl out of school in order to engage in sexual activity on numerous occasions.

The victim told deputies that on at least one occasion Smith bought her, “Plan B,” a contraceptive pill for her to take after concerns she might become pregnant. She also told deputies that on occasion, he would pick her up from school in the middle of the day to engage in sexual intercourse. PCSO says that during the investigation, deputies recovered an empty emergency contraceptive box, growth supplements, a box of pregnancy tests (with only one test remaining), and an empty condom wrapper (to which Smith had access). Continue reading

NC Woman’s Fake Stolen Car Report Leads To 5 People Killed In Crash

Police have charged, Erica Leann Robinson, of Greensboro, NC., after she falsely reported her vehicle stolen in September 2017. The cry wolf call led to a short police pursuit that resulted in five people dying in a crash.

The Battleground Ave crash was one of the worst within the metropolis’s historical past, police said at the time.

(Pictured are two victims of the resulting crash, Alyssa “Allie” Mackenzie Bolick, R, and Theresa Monique Kingcade)

Robinson was officially charged with filing a false police report Tuesday. Continue reading

LA Supreme Court Accounting Exec “Misty Wood” ARRESTED

Misty Wood, an administrator at the Louisiana Supreme Court, has been arrested in an elaborate scheme that pilfered more than $116K from the court.

Wood, 38, a payroll supervisor, is accused of setting up fake judicial appointments and payments that went to bank accounts she controlled in Opelousas, Natchitoches and Greenwood, Mississippi, say the Louisiana State Police.

Wood was charged with 29 counts each of identity theft, computer fraud, malfeasance in office, public salary deduction and public payroll fraud. Bond was set at $72,500. The alleged crimes occurred between April 2016 and February. Continue reading

Katt Williams Arrested Over Viral Brawl With Teen

Katt Williams has found himself in a familiar place, jail, after cops arrested him over coming out on the losing end of a fight with Luke Wash, a 17-year-old boy from Georgia.

Gainesville police officers went to Williams’ house and arrested him Wednesday afternoon after a warrant was issued for the comedian’s arrest on Monday.

Katt Williams luke wash mugshot

The “Scary Movie 5” actor, 42, is being held without bond and will remain in custody until he appears in court Thursday, the newspaper said. Continue reading

MI Teen Arrested HALFWAY THROUGH Shaving Head To Disguise Himself

A Holland Michigan teen is facing felony charges for attacking his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend with a baseball bat and pick axe.

19-year-old Codi Antoniello was in the process of shaving his head in order to change his appearance when cops showed up and took him into custody.

Codi Antoniello shaves head

Antoniello, of Holland City, and a 16-year-old teen from Holland Township, were charged with first degree home invasion and felonious assault.  Continue reading

Todd English Celebrity Chef DUI MUGSHOT

Todd English, a celebrity chef, was arrested after being pulled over for DUI in the Southamptons.

English, 54, was arrested Sunday morning shortly after 3:30 a.m. and was later held at the Southampton Town Justice Center.

Todd English mug shot

Multiple reports say the author and television star posted $1,500 bail and was later released. In his mug-shot, English stays away from any smirks or smiles as he wears a simple blue T-shirt. English is well-regarded in the culinary community. Continue reading

GANG MEMBERS Contact Jeremy Meeks New Manager Threaten Life

Jeremy Meeks a.k.a, McDreamy Mugshot, may have landed a new manager, but in the process, the famous felon‘s new manager fielded a few scary calls from gang members.

Since signing Meeks, his brand spanking new manager has already received several death threats, compliments of Northside Crips gang members.

jeremy-meeks mug shot

Meeks’ family hooked the convicted felon up with some representation this week — hoping to capitalize on his new-found fame — but things quickly went south. Continue reading

Justin Bieber May Be Suffering From HUNCHBACK Say Experts

THECOUNT.COM EXCLUSIVE: According to experts examining Justin Bieber’s mugshot, the kid may be suffering from Kyphosis, a.k.a. roundback, a.k.a. hunchback! You heard right, just like that crazy wax loving dude from Notre Dame!

justin bieber mugshot-hunchback 1
Kyphosis is the abnormal forward bending of the spine. In moderate to severe kyphosis the curve of the spine can form a hump! The above diagram clearly shows that Bieber falls into the aforementioned medical category. Conversely, below, have a look at Bieber’s jail buddy, Khalil Sharieff. His back is deemed perfectly normal, again when considering the rapper’s mugshot. Continue reading


GEORGE ZIMMERMAN ARRESTED! No bond status. Accused of pointing shotgun at his current girlfriend. Barricaded himself in home while the woman was forced outside. The woman met police outside the residence and provided them a key. Police entered, pushing barricaded furniture away and gained entrance to the dwelling. George was unarmed at that time and taken into custody without incident.


Continue reading