Cher Savages Thanksgiving: ‘I Don’t’ Celebrate the ‘Beginning of a Great Crime.’



“Half Breed” singer, Cher, did not mince her words this Thanksgiving by saying publicly she refuses to celebrate the “beginning of a great crime,” referring to Thanksgiving.

Cher told her fans on Wednesday that she does not celebrate Thanksgiving. In fact, she appears to deplore the American holiday, calling in the “beginning of a great crime.” Cher said that the American settlers were guilty of taking land from native Americans who had no concept of property ownership and also intentionally infected them with smallpox.

“You don’t celebrate the holiday I thought?” a fan asked Cher.

“I DON’T,” Cher replied emphatically. She said that, to her, Thanksgiving is a day to see family, eat food together and watch a movie. “Not 2 celebrate the beginning of a GREAT Crime.”