mandy-moore-ryan-adams-300x259Mandy Moore is starving for a smidge of the attention currently gobbled up by her younger counterparts.. So-much-so, the singer is saying she is perform a Miley on her famous locks..

“I’ve always wanted to really cut my hair, like, super, super short. I did once,” she admitted. “I’ve always thought about shaving my head too. That’s always intrigued me.”


If Moore want to cause a stir, thus getting a little notice, she would need to make a dramatic change, something she admits might be a little hard to do,

“I kind of feel that way a lot, but I don’t necessarily act upon it all the time,” she said. “Baby steps I guess.”

So how would hubby, Ryan Adams feel about a new drastic ‘do?

“I don’t think my husband would object to it!” she said. “He would totally be down for that. I think he’d think it’d probably be pretty punk!”

I think it’s going to take a lot more than a haircut to make Moore relevant again.