New York Times HACKED AGAIN! (Alternate Feed)

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Seems like only yesterday the New York Times website was down, well it must be yesterday again because yes folks, the New York Times’ website is again down, the victim of an apparent hacking.. You might remember the website was down just recently after they ran a story critical of the Clintons..






“Our initial assessment is that this is most likely the result of a malicious external attack,” a New York Times spokesperson said.

The periodical had to set up an alternate website just to handle their misguided traffic.

Which one of these two headline stories did the government not, I mean the “hackers,” not like?

Aug. 27, 2013Updated8:15 PM ET
  1. Pentagon Sees Syrian Military, Not Chemical Sites, as TargetThe attacks would be designed to “deter and degrade” the ability of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad to launch chemical weapons.
  2. Not Easy to Hide a Chemical Attack, Experts Say4:35 PM ETWeapons experts say the Syrian government would have a hard time hiding physical evidence if it did indeed use chemical weapons against civilians in a large-scale attack last week.

The times wasn’t the only one getting picked on by hackers,

Twitter also experienced some hiccups on its website. A Twitter account for the group of hackers called the Syrian Electronic Army claimed that it had attacked the social media website and changed the ownership listing of Twitter’s domain name registration.The same account later posted to Twitter that it had also taken over the registrations for the Times website and for the Huffington Post UK domain. CNBC

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