REALLY NANCY GRACE? While speaking to the Trayvon Martin family attorney, moments before the verdict was read – the HLN host said “f***ing coons” live on-the-air! Bad timing too because she was in the middle of coming down on what she considers Zimmerman’s “unquestionable sense of ill will towards the victim,”



“I’ll tell you what I think made a difference. When that 9-1-1 tape first came out — and everybody, get ready, this is graphic language — when it first came out that Zimmerman had said ‘f**king coon‘ on the 9-1-1 call, to me, that was open-and-shut that that showed open ill will and hatred. Now they’ve revised it to say he said ‘These punks, they always get away with it.’ I’m wondering if that reinterpretation of what he said made a difference as to a jury finding ill will in Mr. Zimmerman’s heart.”

Nancy’s getting old and just maybe she’s losing her brain to mouth control!

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