The jury is set to to decide whether or not Jodi acted out in a “cruel manner” when she went about the murdering of her ex..

You do not want to miss this live tomorrow on Did I already say that?


This next bit is from FOX News explaining the aggravation phase in more detail. See you soon!

During the aggravation phase, the prosecution will have a chance to present additional evidence in an attempt to prove Alexander’s death was caused in a cruel manner. Arizona law defines “cruel manner” as when a victim suffered physical pain or mental anguish and the defendant knew, or should have known, that the victim would suffer.

jodi arias before and after 2

Hey like Baretta said, “don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time.” The big question will be answered tomorrow, has her time run out?

BTW, that’s Sammy Davis Jr. singing!