A NASCAR pit fight in Richmond, Virginia left two crew members arrested. On April 27, FOX Sports reported that the two men were from Richard Childress Racing and were taken into custody after an on-track altercation that involved drivers Nelson Piquet Jr. and Brian Scott.

nascar pit fight 676x450 AWESOME NASCAR Pit Fight Gets Two Crew ARRESTED! (VIDEO)


“According to Henrico Police, Michael ‘Big Mike’ Scearce, 50, of Mount Ulla, N.C. was charged with two counts of assault. Thomas Costello, 35, of Kannapolis, N.C. was charged with one count of assault. Both crewmen have been released and a court date has yet to be set,” reports FOX Sports. This all went down at the NASCAR Nationwide race

The NASCAR pit fight occurred after both drivers and their reps were called to the NASCAR Nationwide Series hauler. Basically, Piquet and Scott settled their differences but the fight between the two mechanics flared up to the point where police had to get involved. It’s presumed that their fight involved what happened between the two drivers, but details are not cleat.

“I didn’t witness what took place last night outside of the race track. Our team members were walking to their cars and words were exchanged with members from another team, which led to an altercation. I am still learning all the exact details and, because it did happen outside of the track, local authorities became involved. We are working with them to resolve this matter. We are now concentrating on winning the Sprint Cup race tonight,” Richard Childress (president and CEO of Richard Childress Racing).

The NASCAR pit fight could result in fines for both crew members but NASCAR refused to speculate according to FOX Sports.