Steve Nash, Lakers star, inadvertently admitted that his current team, the freaking Lakers, were not even his first choice of teams when he became a free agent! The embarrassing news was revealed in Nash’s divorce documents that TMZ posted on their website. Turns out the b-baller indicated that the only reason he came to Los Angeles and the Lakers in the first place was to get away from his ex-wife! Who lives back east! We know this because in the divorce documents he talks about objecting to his ex’s plan to move to Los Angeles!



So really Steve Nash the Lakers were your second choice? Scandalous!

Alejandra wants to move to L.A. but Steve is objecting. It’s really weird, because the b-baller has said he chose to go to the Lakers rather than the Knicks so he could be closer to his kids.

Hey Steve Nash! Feel free to go to any other team you like! You haven’t done all that great for the Lakers anyway!