Lindsay Lohan and her dad, Michael… So what are the chances your daughter would attend the SAME rehab facility that you inhabited 30 years ago? The odds are 100% if your last name is Lohan..



Mind blowing in process.. Lindsay Lohan has history with the rehab center which she’ll call home for 90 days — her dad dried out there in the late ’80s, and we’re told he and the rehab owner are thick as thieves. Lindsay will be moving into the Seafield Center at Westhampton Beach in New York for her court-ordered rehab. Turns out a coked-up and boozy Michael Lohan checked into the joint in 1989, and became tight with Executive Director Mark Epley. Michael told TMZ…. Mark knows the “family dynamic” of the Lohan family. Michael says the goal is to force Dina Lohan to agree to family therapy — with Michael and Lindsay — to deal with their laundry list of woes. Here’s the problem — Michael got sober at Seafield, but he fell off the wagon pretty quickly thereafter. Michael says he wanted Lindsay to go to Lukens Institute in Florida because the facility is small and stylized to the patients, but he still likes Seafield a lot.