MLB’s 2013 season is not even officially underway and already we got mess… I have NO IDEA WHY but during a pre-season game between the NY Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals and ESPN commentator described the Yankee organization as Brokeback Mountain! HUH? I know the Yanks have not been the best team for a while but, love them or hate them, what’s with the comparison to 2005’s Oscar-winning “Brokeback Mountain?” I mean we know that movie and it’s about a sexual relationship between two cowboys… So I ask again, “WHAT?”

brokeback baseball


ESPN’s Doug Glanville’s full quote reads,

“They have basically ‘Brokeback Mountain’ going over here. I mean, everybody’s on the disabled list, or hurt in some form or fashion.”


Was an honest mistake? Was just trying to make a bit of a pun about the many injuries on the team leaving them broken? Or is he saying it is the team’s “gayness” that is making they struggle? FYI, the Yankees won, 4-0…