Derek Jeter caught using fake name at Starbucks

Haha, Derek Jeter was photographed Wednesday exiting NYC’s Greenwich Village Starbucks holding a cup with “Philip” scrawled on it..

The Starbucks employee later stated that Jeter visits the coffee stop often and always provides names, other than his own.. The brista said the baseball player appears to genuinely think he’s fooling them.. He’s not.

ESPN Reporter Compares NY Yankees To Brokeback Mountain?

MLB’s 2013 season is not even officially underway and already we got mess… I have NO IDEA WHY but during a pre-season game between the NY Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals and ESPN commentator described the Yankee organization as Brokeback Mountain! HUH? I know the Yanks have not been the best team for a while but, love them or hate them, what’s with the comparison to 2005’s Oscar-winning “Brokeback Mountain?” I mean we know that movie and it’s about a sexual relationship between two cowboys… So I ask again, “WHAT?”

brokeback baseball

ESPN’s Doug Glanville’s full quote reads,

“They have basically ‘Brokeback Mountain’ going over here. I mean, everybody’s on the disabled list, or hurt in some form or fashion.”


Was an honest mistake? Was just trying to make a bit of a pun about the many injuries on the team leaving them broken? Or is he saying it is the team’s “gayness” that is making they struggle? FYI, the Yankees won, 4-0…