Dear Scott Weiland, contact your bandmates! They’re worried about you! — If someone would’ve just sent out this salvo before — maybe the guys could’ve avoided this huge legal battle now looming for Stone Temple pilots eventual breakup.  Sources tell the exclusively that the whole problem is over a lack of communication.  scott-weiland[1]Turns out the guys in the band, you know the responsible ones, have been trying to get a hold of Scott since the first of the year, in order to plan their next money grabbing tour, but Scotty boy is avoiding them like the plage —  THUS the situation finally hit a fevered pitch with the deadline to plan a summer tour rapidly approaching.

It’s really simple, Scott doesn’t need much money to survive, he just needs his drugs, but the band on the other hand, they have families, mortgages, you get the picture.


Too bad you can’t just record an album and sit on your ass for three years anymore like the old days! Now you got to go tour, tour, tour. Like Anderson says, keeping them honest! Scott with come around, drugs are expensive too…

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