My crazy uncle, Count Spiracy Theory, aka, CST, is at it again! This time claiming the illuminati has ordered Jennifer Lawrence to either show off any hidden tattoos she may already have – or – if she doesn’t already have any, to get one! At this point the young star has avoided the dreaded ceremonial branding – OR – she has successfully hid them.jennifer lawrence tattoo 3

Disclaimer: My uncle likes to get sauced up and tell endless, wacky conspiracy theories, so yesterday I was like, “dude, tell me something BEFORE it happens!” So he claims this is it, Laurence will soon be in the press for a new tattoo and now I’ve got a great scoop… Yeah, right…


CST’s proof: Apparently, the picture below, Jennifer “admiring” Josh Hutcherson’s tattoo, was in fact an illuminati ceremony. It was at that time it was suggested to the actress that it might be her turn to show off or get a tattoo.

It is not something his impoverished Hunger Games alter ego Peeta Mellark could ever have afforded to have had done.

jennifer lawrence tattooBut Josh Hutcherson was proudly showing off his large anchor tattoo to co-star Jennifer Lawrence on the Hawaii set of the film sequel Catching Fire on Thursday.

The 20-year-old actor wore his black wet suit half way down to his waist exposing the large inking he got earlier this year. dailymail