WOW! Dancing With The Stars is really going out on a limb enlisting Honey Boo Boo star, June! This should be interesting! Another rumored future DTWS dancer is the Lakers star forward, Metta World Peace…jone on DTWS honey boo boo

SOURCE CAFEMOM: Throughout the years, we’ve seen handfuls of interesting characters on Dancing With the Stars. We had our doubts when Kim Kardashian stepped on stage what feels like ages ago. And oh man, remember the circus surrounding Metta World Peace! With season 16 right around the corner, it looks like ABC may have found their next brilliant shining star in Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’s mama June. Yup, rumors are swirling that the mother hen of the Boo Boos (as I love to call them) may have snagged herself a spot on the next season. Mama June on DWTS?! Can you even believe it?


Personally, I have never watched “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” but maybe I’ll start after she competes on DTWS!