Here are some pictures of American Idol early cast-off, Sarah Restuccio. I take requests seriously here on! When you guys declare it hot or not, I jump right on it!



AMERICAN IDOL season 12 Hollywood contestant~ may not be from down south or out west but you wouldn’t know it after hearing her sing. She hails from the Blueberry Capital of Southern New Jersey. Sarah-Restuccio18 years young, her voice is strong and soulful but yet sweet and comforting. While Sarah’s heart and lips speak pure country, she enjoys combining a bit of other genres to her sound giving it a new “vibey- edge”. Sarah-Restuccio 2She is a master at putting a bit of her own little country twist (including a few hip hop verses with a twangy growl) creating a new youthful country- swag sound! She tells us, ” Our new generation has an ear for a variety of music-so why make them choose?! Just mix it up a bit. 530833_506921362665162_324259487_n-1What better way to create amazing music by blending styles that may move the music lovers’ “hearts” a little closer to the “country-side”. Maybe calling in COUNTRY STYLE with just a hint of PopNhiphop. Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 8.04.57 PMSarah is what they call a triple threat, she can sing (write), dance and act. Be on the look-out, this true beauty (on the inside and out ) is ready to take the world by storm so adhere to the Storm Warning by Hunter Hayes. She’s coming… ;) Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 8.04.27 PMPS. She performs at benefits, restaurants, sporting events, etc. She also has made some waves in a few singing competitions such as American Idol 12, Xfactor and The Texaco Country showdown. Please become a fan and take a listen. I promise she won’t let you down! Source.

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