I know what you’re thinking, who in their right mind would want a 300 pound steel slab emblazoned with Mitt Romney’s “believe in America” motto? Well first of all, steel is worth $.50 a pound at your local recycling center so that’s $150 to you and me… But apparently, one guy in Iowa went through all the trouble of picking up the beast of a sign and not because he wanted to make bank on the recycling but because he wanted to display it at his home! I guess he collects political junk like this.



The sign’s new owner, 27-year old Republican Don McDowell, said this of his find,

“I’ve been going to political events since about the time I could walk so I’ve got signs, buttons and things from the caucuses and the straw poll,” adding his prior scores included a “mini-statue of Jimmy Carter holding a peanut.”

The 300 pound sign, fabricated by steel workers in Dubuque, Iowa, was discovered abandoned at a former Romney-Ryan, Des Moines campaign office.