Besides the fact it seems cops these days have orders to arrest just about anybody for whatever ticky-tacky offense they can drum up, another NFL star caught up in the madness… This time it’s Oakland Raiders linebacker Ronaldo MaClain… Rather than sign a ticket from cops for overly tinted windows, this NFL star signed “go f*ck yourself.”

rolando mcclain arrested gi NFL Player Arrested After Signing Traffic Ticket F*ck YAllSource Chris E. Hayner.


Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain was arrested Tuesday in Decatur, Al. after refusing to accept a citation for his overly dark window tinting. USA Today reports that rather than sign his ticket and accept it, McClain scrawled “F*** y’all” and was arrested for giving a fake name.

This came after he refused to hand over his driver’s license of proof of insurance, telling the officer, “you know who I am.” Police also say that when asked for his signature again he claimed that was his name. McClain was able to produce a doctor’s note in support of the tint due to photo-sensitivity, but police rejected it as for not being on a prescription form.

After being released on $1000 bail and charged with a misdemeanor, McClain told the Decatur Daily that he believed the police were out to get him.

Okay well this is a lot better than murdering someone…