Have you ever wondered what happens to someone’s Facebook page when they kick the bucket? Apparently the page goes into a “memorialization” stage initiated by a friend or family member submitting the deceased person form available on Facebook. The problem with that is, some people are not always deceased. Not yet…



BUZZFEED: Facebook has offered “memorialization” for accounts of deceased people for a while, but it seems that the bar has been lowered for how they verify the person in question is actually expired. Ideally, how it works is a friend or relative of a deceased person fills out a form from the Facebook Help section that gives the name, email, and account name of the deceased person. It also asks if you’re a friend, immediate family member, or other.

Lastly, it asks for proof that your friend is dead, but it will accept a link to an online obituary as sufficient proof. If your friend has a common enough name, just Google their name + “obituary” and you’ll probably find a match.


Once memorialized, your buddy will be locked out of his or her account. R.I.P.!

You see? You just killed your friend on Facebook! Now wasn’t that easy?

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