The mother of Jenni Rivera is speaking out on the disappearance of her daughter saying basically that if somebody’s dead, it’s not Jenni, and it’s more likely that the singer was kidnapped and another woman’s body planted at the crash site.

“I still trust God that perhaps the body isn’t hers,” Jenni’s mother Rosa Saavedra said.” in a press conference Tuesday, adding that she could have been kidnapped and another woman was at the crash site. ‘We’re hoping it’s not true, that perhaps someone took her and left another woman there.”


This definitely throws a curve ball into the closure aspect of things, as I presumed that when body parts were found at the crash site, it was case closed, but according to mom, nothing could be further from the truth!

As you guys know, I have been in no real rush to call “game over” when it comes to Jenni being deceased, and now that I hear her mother’s concerns, it’s really got me thinking! I mean I’ve heard all about the kidnappings happening in Mexico these days, especially targeted are anyone that has any kind of money or fame.

What the hell, I’ll keep my candle burning.

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