“I screwed up royally … (but) Team Petraeus will survive,” former CIA Director David Petraeus wrote in a letter to an old Army buddy after resigning his post.

After admitting to an extramarital affair the ex-general and former CIA director David Petraeus wrote retired brigadier General James Shelton.


“I screwed up royally. I paid the price (appropriately) and I sought to do the right thing, at the end of the day,” it read in part. “Team Petraeus will survive though have obviously created enormous difficulty for us. Holly is however once again demonstrating how incredibly fortunate I was to marry her.”

Shelton, 76, said that he never considered Petraeus “a woman chaser” and that Broadwell, who interviewed him for her book “All In,” was “more savvy than Dave about the nature of the things that they got involved with.”

“She’s not a kid. In a lot of ways I think she knows more about the world than Dave – I’m talking about sex,” he said. “I don’t think Dave ever thought about that too much, he only thought about the Army and gave it everything he had.”

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