Roseanne Barr, who is notorious for speaking her mind like many other comedians, has decided to take things above and beyond the bar.

This year of 2012, has been set with a standard of stars showing the public what they really look like without makeup on, and Barr has raised that bar after what she tweeted yesterday!

Not even caring about her pronounced hairy nostrils, Barr tweeted an unflattering picture of herself yesterday while she was laying down. Barr didn’t even care to make the picture look good whatsoever, she may have even tried to look bad on purpose. Barr tweeted a depressed tweet along with the photo saying, @TheRealRoseanne: “Fat old jew.”

Just before she tweeted this, Barr was apparently picking random fights on Twitter. Could this be a cry for help, or is she just in a bad mood?


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