Talk about a weird coincidence… All of Tom Cruise’s three marriages ended when his wife at the moment was 33, and signing the final docs when she was 34. Mimi Rogers was number 1 – she was 31 and Cruise 25 when they got married and she was 33 when they ended it in 1990.


Nicole Kidman was number 2 – 23 at the time of their union, the couple called it quits in December of 1990, separated in 2001 and, you guessed it, Kidman was 33.

Katie Holmes is the third victim of the 33s – 28 when she wed Cruise in 2006, seven months after daughter Suri was born. Holmes is also 33. If this breakup is to follow suit, we can expect the divorce to be finalized when Holmes turns 34 in December.