OctoMom is saying a Virgin America flight turned into a nightmare when the cabin crew purposely picked on them.

0709 octomom video tmz exv credit OctoMoms Virgin Air Nightmare, Charges Filed


Apparently, Octo and her posse were forced to change seats, never given their beverages and even overheard the crew laughing at them! Also Octo was kicked out of the bathroom, in mid dump, by a flight attendant for no apparent reason.

Octo confronted the flight attendants, according to TMZ, and claim one of the female stewardess quipped, “I know who you guys are!”

Octo was so devastated over the incident, she filed a report with the airline against the crew. She told TMZ, “I was shocked to say the least how poorly they treated me on the plane. I would never book a flight on Virgin America again.”

Honestly, can you really blame the crew? Serving that brood must be more than a hand full!