Adam Levine is considered one of the hottest musicians out there, according to many women and gay men!

I’ve even been fooled by Levine’s hotness- after seeing him roll around on multiple beds in Maroon 5 music videos, looking all studly… but then I saw these pictures…

Last night, I prayed that my Adam Levine obsession would please end, and I woke up to these pictures of him cheating on us with this model! (I’m so kidding!)



Model doesn't brush teeth

Levine was pictured kissing this Victoria’s Secret model, who is friends with his ex named ‘Anna V’, who is also a V.S. model. This so-called model named Behati Prinsloo, looks like she’s having the time of her life kissing the American musician and sexy icon.

The two looking all derelict- drinking beer, smoking and kissing without brushing their teeth first, look pretty happy showing off their connection.

Adam Levine Smoking

Then, I saw these pictures of Levine with his shirt off revealing his overly shaved body. Wow, I’m moving on to Hugh Jackman- because he’s less hairy. What?