A 17-year-old African American boy Trayvon Martin, who was wrongfully shot and killed last month on his way home from a convenient store by a volunteer neighborhood watchman, is still being talked about on every news site in America.

Many people hope Martin and his family get justice, as the Hispanic man who shot Martin has not been arrested- he is in hiding. The ‘New’ Black Panthers and other people alike, believe that the killing was a hate crime, considering Martin was targeted by the neighborhood watch guy George Zimmerman, because Martin was wearing a hoodie, walking the streets at night.


Many details of the story have been blown out of proportion so bad, that an awful case of ‘racism’ has broken out, and it has plagued people by surprise.

Every day, fresh news comes out about Martin’s case, that has people ‘backtracking’, having to alter what their previous opinions were, and then they are left feeling stupid for putting their foot in their mouths.

Now, this new photo of Martin at 17-years-old is being used in the media, and people are not believing that the photo is actually Martin, as the first photo that people started recognizing the story by, was a photo of Martin at the age of 12. Martin looked like a different boy at 12, just like any other pre-teen would.

This newer photo of Martin at 17 is in fact legit, and now people are feeling stupid again for jumping to conclusions.

This photo I have at the top of this story, is Trayvon at 12-years-old on the LEFT, and 17-years-old on the RIGHT. Just wanted you guys to know!

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