It was postponed for a day and supposed to start at noon on Monday. The race finally got started at 7 pm. The fans that stayed should be given an award! Those are some die-hard Nascar fans!

Earlier in the race during a yellow caution, Juan Pablo Montoya’s Chevrolet broke and went slamming into a safety truck as it was blowing off the top lane of the third turn. The truck and Montoya’s Chevrolet erupted in a huge fireball, burning the entire width of the corner down to the rain-soaked grass. Very scary moment!


Montoya and the safety truck driver are both okay, but the jet fuel that powers the track blowers burned intensely and damaged some of the track surface. Bring out the laundry detergent TIDE!! It dumped on the track and the workers hurriedly scrubbed the track with push brooms. Finally after rinsing with big hoses of water and blowing the track dry, the race was ready to go on….once again.

The race had enough bumper cars and spinning to last the next 2 or 3 races. There were several yellow cautions during the 6 hour race.

In a two-lap shootout at the end that turned the longest race in NASCAR history into an exciting final two minutes – Matt Kenseth beat Dale Earnhardt, Jr., to the finish line at around 1 a.m. Tuesday morning! Congrats to Kenseth! KENSETH WIN DAYTONA 500 FINISHED ON 2 DIFFERENT DAYS & 6 HOUR RACE

Danica Patrick finished in 38th place, after all, it was said by Darrell Waltrip that Danica was already the face of Nascar. I personally think of Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Dale Jr., or Jimmy Johnson as the face of Nascar. Must be her Go-Daddy skimpy promos!