5 Swag Ideas for Snooki

A licensing company named “SRG Ventures”, has filed a $7 million lawsuit against Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

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SRG claims that Polizzi “sabotaged their contract deal by negotiating with brands behind SRG’s back” and took too much time sealing up the deals SRG did bring her.


Snooki wanted to part ways with the company because she said that SRG didn’t fulfill its end of the contract, when it failed “to land her enough money or branding partnerships.

Ok, so Snooki wants to sell merchandise, and companies want her face on their bottle, but who in the hell would want to buy Snooki merchandise?!

I think I can help her with some successful merchandise ideas, that people would actually buy! Listen up Snooks…

This all brings me to my list of the five things Snooki can name her potential merchandise:

5 Snooki: “Gorilla Juice” It’s energy drink that makes you look like a Gorilla because we all know Snooki loves Gorillas, drink it and Snooki will be all over you.

4 Snooki: “GTL” It a gym and a tan and do your laundry all in one special machine. You can live like a guido straight out of the shore with this.

3 Snooki: “Jersey sauce” A pasta sauce that you can get just like Snooki and her friends eat on the jersey shore. There is no hiding that Snooki likes to eat.

2 Snooki: “Straight up fist pump liquor” This is probably the most realistic one out of all of them- a liquor drink from Snooki. We all know Snooki loves to drink so you can drink what she drink,s and pass out on the floor, and make out with dudes like The Situation.

1 Snooki: “Hairstyle Gel” A hair gel that makes your hair like Snooki. Enough said people, who wouldn’t want their hair to look like Snooki?

So there it is the top five things Snooki can name her potential merchandise! With these, she should make millions.

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