While I was hanging out at the Las Vegas Hilton for the Daytime Emmys last night, I had no idea I was snapping this exclusive photo of “Motley Crue’s” Vince Neil, just before his D.U.I. arrest last night! I didn’t put his picture up with my Emmys story, but I guess I was saving it for this lol!

Neil was stumbling around the Hilton drunk, and then he was hanging out by the elevators for an extensive amount of time. He wasn’t alone! He was leaning against the wall, and he was kissing on a mystery woman-not his wife Lia Gerardini! The woman was taller than him, and looked rather conservative. Neil nor the mystery woman were dressed for the Daytime Emmys, but after the excessive lip locking, the two went into the elevator, and I assume they went to the Emmys after party on the top floor, with all of the other stars.


Neil does have a new restaurant in the Las Vegas Hilton, “Tres Rios Cantina”. He also has one of his classic cars on display in the Hilton. I assume he’s got all access to anything that goes on at the Hilton, and he probably all access to unlimited alcohol too! ¬†Not good!

Vince then left the party and you know what happened next…he got behind the wheel drunk. The cops pulled him over, and he was then arrested for a D.U.I. just one block away from the Hilton. Here’s his mugshot (TMZ exclusive) from Clark County Jail, and as you can see, he’s wearing the same outfit as I photographed earlier that night! He was released on bail for $2,000.

TMZ pic Vince Neil Mugshot 2010

Records show that Vince is married. Who is this chick he was making out with? The desk lady? A stewardess?

**UPDATE** I just read a report that Vinces’ wife was not in Las Vegas last night, and she had to come to town to bail him out of jail!

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